Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 34, Issue 1, 2024

Ethics in Business

Yusril Bariki, Minhatus Saniyah
Pages 23-36

Islamic Philosophy and Human Business Ethics in Realizing Sustainable Development Goals

This paper aims to explain some economic aspects of sharia by using a widely grasped philosophical approach. The paper presents an Islamic position on business ethics as it is in Qu-ran and in interpretations of sharia elaborated by Islamic thinkers, first of all Indonesian ones. Following results given in selected positions of the literature of the subject the authors come to the following theses and conclusions: Humans must pay attention to few possessions that are basic needs. Humans must avoid prioritizing secondary needs by ignoring basic needs because this is contrary to the maqashid of sharia. Property management must be carried out about a predetermined plan and people who have property should not hoard it.