Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 33, Issue 3, 2023

Aklim KhazievOrcid-ID, Fanil SerebryakovOrcid-ID, Zulfiya Ibragimova, Elena Uboitseva
Pages 29-37

Worldview Foundations of Social Well-Being in Post-Soviet Russia
A Philosophical Research

The very occurrence of post-Soviet Russia necessarily dictates the need to study ideological foundations of its existence. What are they? How did they influence and continue to influence the social well-being of the country: do they corrupt or contribute to the unity of society; do they strengthen Russians in pondering over the historical path of the country's development, or, on the contrary, bring confusion into the souls of people and prophesy trouble? The purpose of the paper is to study the language of everyday life as a kind of mirror reflecting the social well-being of the post-Soviet Russian Federation. The authors conclude that this social value is associated with the prosperity of both individuals and society as a whole, but of primary importance is the preservation of cultural and civilizational identity, sovereignty of the country, and solidarity. In modern conditions, cohesion seems to be the first step to social well-being of the country.