Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 32, Issue 3, 2022

New Faces of Democracy

Lorena Valeria Stuparu
Pages 111-127

Citizen Identity and Participatory Political Culture. A Conceptual Approach

Joining these two concepts of political science and philosophy (i.e. individual politi-cal identity and participatory political culture) is an attempt to explore their comprehen-sive potential, regarding the foundation of any democratic regime, namely the rule of law, civil society, a civilized global political world in which each individual can find his dignity, without being considered simply an anonymous in the great mass of people controlled and dominated through propaganda and restrictions by a relatively small number of people. The paper is structured on the main stated aspects: citizenship and political identity; identity, human dignity and the rule of law (as “medium term”); par-ticipative political culture. Participatory political culture is defining for the identity of a citizen in a state of law, but when the myths of democracy come into conflict with the political reality, indifference or absenteeism are also part of the cultural practices of citizenship and this is a challenge to political philosophy.