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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 27, Issue 1, 2017

Values and Ideals. Theory and Practice: Part II

Karolina M. Cern
Pages 149-163

Questioning Equality for Self-Reflexive Societies

The article focuses on the issue of equality with regard to the process of European integration. Firstly, the change of the legal paradigm in the European legal culture is characterised, secondly, the notion of self-reflexive societies is introduced, and eventually the paper deals with the issue of equality set as a complex problem, especially with regard to the social dimension. The chief concern of the paper is to develop the concept of the public power of judgement, to unveil the role of moral-discursive competencies, and to explain in what sense the theoretical premise of rationality potentials released in the discourse may overburden an ordinary citizen’s participation in processes of democratic law legitimation