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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 27, Issue 1, 2017

Values and Ideals. Theory and Practice: Part II

Victor J. Krebs
Pages 83-89

Poison and Remedy
Some Notes on the Perils and Potentials of the Digital Media

The Digital Revolution is transforming the way in which we interact with one another and relate to experience. The superabundance and superfluity of the virtual world, the fleeting moment and instantaneous pleasure it provides, begin to prevail as a cultural value and determine an attitude of detachment and indifference that extends to all aspects of our life. For Søren Kierkegaard this is a “demoniacal temptation” that leads to a life devoid of spiritual depth. In the midst of the undeniable bounties of technology, reflection on this paradoxical nature of the technological in our lives becomes an urgent task.