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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 24, Issue 1, 2014

The Experience of Animality

Rafał Zawisza
Pages 157-163

Not Being Angel. Manichaeism as an Obstacle to Thinking of a New Approach to Animality

I focus on the monastery life in Europe and its predomination of vita contemplativa upon vita activa. It is not hard to distinguish within Christianity its Manichaean component whose characteristic feature is a grudge against matter, body and sexuality. This complexity of ideas brought about the contempt of vital elements of human existence, so that its animal past, still present in Zivilisationsprozess. An alternative anthropology inspired by an evolutionism should based on the presumption that only through the appreciation of an animal dimension of us—instead of monastic desire of becoming an angel—will it be possible to create new perspectives for renegotiation of the human–animal boundaries.