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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 23, Issue 2, 2013

Transcendental Philosophy in the 21St Century

Przemysław Parszutowicz
Pages 133-143
DOI: 10.5840/du201323210

Ernst Cassirer’s Idea of the Critique of Knowledge

The article analyses systematically and historically the specific idea of transcendentalism developed in the Marburg School of Neo-Kantianism. The unique line of the Marburg’s School interpretation of Kant’s critical philosophy consists in contrasting critical (relational) and dogmatic (substantial) understandings of basic philosophical concepts. This line is characteristic of the Marburg School idealism, and it perfectly grasps Ernst Cassirer’s peculiar understanding of philosophy—as “the critique of knowledge.” The main thesis of this paper is the following one: the critical method understood as the method of searching for fundamental principles and conditions of possibility of objectiveness is a basic tool of analysis and investigations carried out by Cassirer.

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