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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 22, Issue 2, 2012

Civilization and Religion

Isaac Tseggai
Pages 75-87

African Civilization
the Religious Dimensions in Light of the Third Millennium

Africa prides itself in its ancient civilizations, but the celebratory value of those civilizations is overshadowed by the recurrent challenges of poverty, political and religious wars, ethnic strife, and unrelenting tyrannical rule. Of all these challenges, the inabilities of state institutions to reconcile religious and confessional divisions represent the hardest. Scholars on civilization have in recent years contemplated operationalizing of scientific thinking. The sense of nationalism that tends to look at civilizations as sacred attributes of societies is challenged by the secular features in quantitative analysis. The expansion of global trade and commerce effectively facilitated by the swiftness of Information Technology (IT) provide opportunities for identifying across cultural and civilizational variables of peace and “wisdom”. This analysis focuses on Africa’s religious political experiences to state that Africa’s problems are intractable even to the dynamic theories of IT and globalization.

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