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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 20, Issue 7/8, 2010

Leszek Kołakowski

Lesław Kawalec
Pages 83-94

A Farewell to Professor Leszek Kołakowski (1927–2009)

The author presents Leszek Kołakowski from the perspective of his private acquaintanceship, lasting for about 47 years, as a witty man and a workaholic. L. Kołakowski never formed a classic “school”, but there is something all his disciples share: a thesis, key to understanding his ideas, which holds that “THERE IS MORE THAN ONE CORRECT OPINION IN THE HUMANITIES”, i.e. we will ALWAYS have opinions for and against, which goes against any dogmatism, wherever it may appear; this also bears consequences in diagnosing the socio-political reality past and present.

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