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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 19, Issue 8/9, 2009

Henryk Elzenberg — Axiology, Ethics and the Philosopy of Culture

Krzysztof Stachewicz
Pages 39-47

Henryk Elzenberg Wager for Values. Axiological and Methodological Aspects

The wager for values proposed by Henryk Elzenberg seems to be an interesting and important problem in axiological thinking. That is why one should take a close look at Elzenberg’s reasoning and at certain consequences of such point of view. We analyze this problem as a parallel to Pascal’s Wager for God. One should live and act as if God existed—it is an effect of Pascal’s Wager. One should live and behave as if perfect values existed—this is the essence of Elzenberg’s wager. Paralel analysis of both standpoints lets us formulate numerous hypotheses and statements especially in axiology.

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