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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 19, Issue 10, 2009

Return of the Polish Brethren in the Perspective of a New Stage of Universalism

Wiera Paradowska, Ryszard Paradowski
Pages 75-92

Universal Pattern of Culture and the Dialectical Metaphysics of Choice

The article presents the original concept of “dialectical metaphysics of choice”, founded on a “dualistic” idea of divided primary being (divided into “me” and “notme”) and “metaphysical experience” of this division. “Metaphysical choice” of the treatment “me” and “not me” by themselves and by each other is the way of the creation of values. The presentation of the metaphysical system is preceded by a non-religious interpretation of the Book of Genesis, leading to the thesis that the Bible as the religious book is just a “half” of the same book as “the book of culture”, containing “universal pattern of culture”, which is compounded of two main principles (authoritarian and antiauthoritarian) and the (suggested) choice between them.