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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 18, Issue 1/3, 2008

Jan Srzednicki—Beyond Philosophical Paradigms

Józef Dębowski
Pages 75-80

Global, Fundamental… and Rational? On Jan Srzednicki’s New Epistemological Perspective

I analyze only few elements of Srzednicki’s “new epistemology”. I especially appreciate the thesis of transcendentalism and of demanding of the depersonalization of epistemology. In my opinion, the trial of founding cognition on non-cognitive factors is an irrelevant. It leads to irrationalism, as in the case of praxism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, or cognitive sociology. In this lies a critical difficulty of Srzednicki’s “new epistemology”. The main difficulty was acceptance the narrow, analytical idea of knowledge. It implicates the acceptance of a field of evidence (intuition, experience) as a noncognitive one. Another problem with “new epistemology” is propositionalism, and idea that all cognition is external to its object.

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