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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 17, Issue 12, 2007

Complementarity and Unification

Małgorzata Czarnocka
Pages 67-85

Metaphilosophical Foundations of the Problem of the Loading of Science by Culture

The present essay outlines the metaphilosophical foundations necessary for an analysis of science’s dependence on culture. It shows that the matter cannot be approached on a purely objective level as all studies and conclusions are perforce relativized by adopted cultural and scientific norms. The multifariousness of science and culture—which lies at the root of the whole problem—results in a broad network of relations between the two. The enclosed studies on the loading of science by culture lead to rather integristic conclusions as to the essence of culture. This integristic position is in a sense a “third road” halfway between the two known radical approaches—one proclaiming that culture is totally diversified, the other that it is one. The “third path” underscores the universal fundament of culture in all its varieties and views science as universal despite its cultural load and the diversity of existing cultures—precisely because of its rooting in this fundament.

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