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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 16, Issue 5/6, 2006

Authentic University

Grażyna Bartkowiak
Pages 133-140

Practical Aspects of a Social Responsibility in Business

The subject of the article is social responsibility of business and the role of social responsibility in the daily activity of companies as reliable partners in business. The paper consists of two parts: the theoretical one and the empirical one. In the theoretical part the author describes the areas of social responsibility and the examples of socially responsible actions. In the empirical part the author presents the research study carried out in the following groups of respondents: managerial staff and employees of Polish and French medium—sized companies. The results of the study show that both in Poland and in France there is awareness of the importance and the rank of the phenomenon in question. In Poland, however, socially irresponsible actions are usually ignored as “natural”.

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