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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 16, Issue 5/6, 2006

Authentic University

Werner Krieglstein
Pages 11-20

The Truth Beneath the Skin. A Foundation for a Secular Spirituality

In this paper the author explores possibilities for experiential truth-finding as a response to the Kantian impasse. Finding truth not as a result of logical abstraction but as a living experience is placed into its historic context, tracing it back to ancient practices that were revived and lived on in many forms of mysticism, old and new. It is shown how Hegelian philosophy was influenced by Judaic Cabalism and how Hegel’s living dialectic as a way to reach truth experientially in art lived on in Nietzsche’s philosophy and found its way into the neo-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School. The author draws from his personal experience as Adorno’s student, as an actor, theater director, organic farmer, and father of five children.

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