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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 16, Issue 3/4, 2006

Virtual University of Dialogue and Universalism

Andrew Targowski
Pages 49-64

Will Wisdom Save the Human Project?

The paper explores the issue; “can our wisdom save the Human Project?” another words “can we live wiser and longer” or “should we feel better and live shorter?” To save the Human Project, which can fall due to overdeveloped civilization, perhaps we should pursue logos-driven wisdom, because the threat is too dangerous to leave room for uncertainty. The review of how philosophy, responsible for “wisdom”, has been developed shows that the empiric study of wisdom is the task of the last 20 years only, since it has only been in the last centuries that philosophers grasped the issue of reason. This paper presents a framework for the necessity of developing eco-philosophy, which includes cognition, survival and action philosophies. These kinds of philosophies can be perceived through the tool of Wisdom Diamond. The author is not very optimistic whether our wisdom can save the Human Project, which was designed to last only a limited few billion (US measure) years. On the other hand, perhaps some mythos can help in this Project, otherwise would life be too boring, not worthy of being longer?

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