Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 15, Issue 11/12, 2005

Andrew Targowski
Pages 87-110

The Future of Civilization

This paper investigates the future of civilization in terms of its threats and possible solutions. The future of human civilization may enter a stage of crisis in the 2050–2500 years if the known reserves of the strategic resources will be depleted. Even worse, about the year 5000 all potential reserves of the strategic resources will be used up, if the population will grow constantly. The solution, which can prevent this decline, at least at its current pace, is in the development of the Universal Civilization, which should minimize conflicts and trigger dialog within mankind for its good sake. In this approach one can seek the development of wise humans, who will be able to self-sustain their civilization. Otherwise our time is limited and we will not survive our knowledge, which we have been developed so far and may look as a lost time. This grand issue defines the philosophical inquiry—what to do to survive? Has any effort sense, if we know that the Sun will stop heat us and afterwards the Earth will be a dead planet?