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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 15, Issue 7/8, 2005

Fourth European Congress of Dialogue and Universalism Warsaw University, July 23–30, 2005

Amani Fairak, X. Dai Rao
Pages 65-72

Universal Practices across Religions
Ecological Perspectives of Islam

This paper discusses diverse practices across religions from a universalistic view. Various religions define their beliefs and rituals within an ecological context. Whether it is an Abrahamic, African or humanistic religion, they all have one ritual ground to facilitate their beliefs on. This ground takes the form of environmental or earth-based practices. Religious initiations and the history of spiritual leaders have illustrated that human spirituality is connected to nature and Mother Earth. In addition, Islam views contemplation about natural wonders as an essential pathway to approach God. Despite the variety of religious traditions held, ecology is what universalizes all religions.