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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 15, Issue 7/8, 2005

Fourth European Congress of Dialogue and Universalism Warsaw University, July 23–30, 2005

Werner Krieglstein
Pages 49-63

Toward a Universal Ethics Based on a Naturalistic Foundation of Community

This article explores a new scientific understanding of cooperative processes within the natural world, and demonstrates how this understanding could reshape our need for community. From this a new approach to a global ethics can be extrapolated. Instead of looking back in an attempt to rescue ancient values the author offers hope in looking forward. The author proposes to use a synchronizing process he calls Collective Orchestration to describe a dialectical transition from individuals to wholes. He employs concepts gained from system theory, cybernetics, and chaos theory to make his point. Collective Orchestration offers a novel solution to the problem of Macro evolution, the evolutionary developing of brand new species. From this naturalistic foundation the author derives a new global ethics, based on the principles of self-organization, cooperation, and connectedness.