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Dialogue and Universalism

Volume 5, Issue 8/9, 1995

Józef Werle
Pages 67-87

The Dilemmas of Our Technological Civilization

This essay discusses the universal aspects of our present civilization created largely by the progress of science and technology. It has brought many unprecedented, direct and indirect, definitely positive achievements in the material and cultural, economic and political spheres. Unfortunately, this has been accompanied by the emergence of equally unprecedented dangers: of nuclear or chemical war, global pollution of the environment, squandering of natural resources, spreading of egoistic, hedonistic attitudes and other social and moral maladies. Concerning the ecological problems the author is moderately optimistic, as he points out that the negative trends can be reversed by applying strong control and successive introduction of new pro-ecological technologies. This, however, requires not only a better understanding of these problems, but also good will and accord on behalf of the decision makers and common citizens. It is also necessary to find satisfactory models of moral and social order that would be suitable also for poor countries.

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