Duquesne Studies in Phenomenological Psychology


  • Volume IV
    Edited by Amedeo Giorgi, Anthony Barton, and Charles Maes
    1983 (16 contributions)

  • Volume III
    Edited by Amedeo Giorgi, Richard Knowles, and David L. Smith
    1979 (16 contributions)

  • Volume II
    Edited by Amedeo Giorgi, Constance T. Fischer, and Edward L. Murray
    1975 (17 contributions)

  • Volume I
    Edited by Amedeo Giorgi, William F. Fischer, and Rolf Von Eckartsberg
    1971 (23 contributions)

· ISSN 2328-5311 (print) · Published by Duquesne University Press ·
· ISSN 2328-532X (online) · Online access includes vol. 1-4 (1971-1983) ·

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