NaUKMA Research Papers in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Editor: Yakov Rabkin
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
2 Skovorody Str.
04070 Kyiv
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ISSN: 2617-1678 (print), 2617-5703 (online)
Date of Founding: 2019
To highlight the current scholarly approaches and original researches within philosophical and religious studies that meet international academic standards and correspond to the journal’s focus and scope. The journal covers the following topics: philosophical thought on Ukrainian territories, its history and the current state; development of philosophy in domestic academic and theological institutions; methodological issues of the historiography of philosophy; history of the world philosophy; contemporary philosophy (main trends, problems and perspectives); academic religious studies. The journal publishes the following types of materials: research articles; archival documents from the history of Ukrainian philosophical and theological thought, arranged and accompanied by introductory articles; commented manuscript heritage of thinkers whose activities are tangent to the profile and topics of the journal; reviews of relevant new monographs; bibliographic reviews containing a brief description of relevant publications; reviews of conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.
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Articles are subject to a preliminary editorial review and a double-blind review.
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Frequency: Semiannually, in June and December
Format: Print and online
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla
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