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Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review / Revue canadienne de philosophie

Volume 43, Issue 2, Spring/Printemps 2004

Claude Piché
Pages 211-237

Fichte et la première philosophie de la nature de Schelling

ABSTRACT: When we reconstruct Fichte’s philosophy of nature of the Jena period, we notice striking similarities between the conception of organism in the Doctrine of Science and Schelling’s corresponding developments in his early Naturphilosophie. Even though both thinkers agree to consider organic nature within the framework of transcendental idealism, it is nevertheless possible at this stage to discover slight differences in their interpretation which announce their future disagreement on the status of a philosophy of nature. If, for instance, organism for both Fichte and Schelling can be considered as an analogon of the absolute, much depends on whether they conceive this analogy from a practical or theoretical point of view.

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