Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Volume 20, Issue 1, 2023

Narratives of Sustainability in the Anthropocene

Rina Ramdev
Pages 67-80

Propositions for Sustainable Futures in Durgabai Vyam and Subhash Vyam’s Bhimayana

While critically examining the techno-scientific thrust that props the discourse of sustainability, this paper argues for the inclusion of the humanities and the imaginative counterworlds and complex ontological perspectives that literature offers. As Donna Haraway proposes, “we need stories (and theories) that are just big enough to gather up the complexities and keep the edges open and greedy for surprising new and old connections” (2015: 160). The Indian graphic novel Bhimayana and the artisanal aesthetic of the tribal artists is read for the ways in which it mediates current debates on the posthuman, offering the possibility of intimate affirmative relationalities that could create sustainable futures