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Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2020

Stem to Steam: The Ethical Impact of Cultural and Artistic Practices at a Time of Crisis

Agus Sachari, Arianti Ayu Puspita, Desy Nurcahyanti
Pages 207-216

Girilayu Batik Motifs and their Forms of Symbolic Contemplation

This article discusses the factors that confer a contemplative atmosphere to the village of Girilayu (Central Java Province, Indonesia) and stimulate local artisans to create batik motifs that contain symbolic philosophical meanings that confer ethical values to batik making while adapting to contemporary design and technological processes. Since 2016, Mbok Semok batik has struggled to preserve local traditions and patterns that stimulate contemplation in its designs. The paper is based an ethnographic approach involving data collection from Girilayu batik artisans; later analyzed using a phenomenological approach in order to describe the correlation between design and contemplative philosophical meaning in Mbok Semok. Thus, the paper functions as an example of the need to articulate local ethical practices with technological change in a way that grounds harmony in human relationships with the environment and the supernatural beyond.

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