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Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2015

Allegories of Imperialism: Barbarians and World Cultures

Liudmila Baeva, Anna Romanova
Pages 159-172

Challenges to Frontier Allegories: the Caspian Sea Region in Southern Russia

This contribution is devoted to frontier theory, the analysis of its conceptual apparatus as well as its topical issues and practical application. We propose a revision of this theory, and confront the usefulness of the term “frontier” with other the similar concepts such as border, boundary and limit. The paper also proposes a typology of frontiers characterized by various aspects; civilization, intercultural, religious, and anthropological, among other. From the standpoint of this discussion, the authors consider the Southern Russian bordering region of the Caspian Sea, today a much conflicted territory.

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