Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2008

Carmen Cozma
Pages 47-52

In Quest of the Measure's Restoration

The acute consciousness of the moral crisis we face today makes us to inquire after the philosophy's opportunities in finding a viable way to overcome serious worries concerning life, world, and human being. We think that the ethical value of measure and the correlated principle of "golden mean" could enlighten, on a high level, our understanding upon the real needs and purposes to be identified in assuming and cultivating a fitting attitude to an authentic humanness in accordance with the demands of nowadays characteristics of the globalization development. Returning to the measure's integrator meaning that has been acknowledged by the Ancient thinkers of the Western culture, in this essay we try to emphasize the capital significance of the notion at stake, beyond any particularities of temporal and spatial context, like a basic philosophical concept to be explored and activated in its valences of promoting and increasing the quality of life. We pronounce for the necessity of measure's restoration in which, first of all, our moral status in the world has to be grounded. More than ever, we need to recover the measure as a guide in shaping human deliberations, choices, decisions making, actions into a constructive orbit, into equilibrium and order, security and harmony, into Good and Right, by commitment, respect for and responsibility toward the whole life on Terra. A culture of measure, eventually, is fully worth to be displayed in the framework of the moral philosophy in driving at the human well-being and at the wellness of the total existence, alike.