Cultura International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2007

Richard L. Lanigan
Pages 212-216

Towards A New Science of Semiotic Phenomenology

The paper is a paradigmatic presentation of what the new science of communicology represents: the semiotic and phenomenological study of human discourse and the critical study of discourse and practice both, an interaction of communication, mass communications, popular culture, public relations, advertising, marketing, linguistics, discourse analysis, political economy, institutional analysis, organization of urban and rural spaces, ergonomics, body culture, clinical practice, health care, constructions of disease, health, and rehabilitation, human factors, signage, and so forth. Communicology is the human science research result in which validity and reliability are logic constructs based in the necessary and sufficient conditions of discovered systems (codes), whether eidetic (based in consciousness) or empirical (based in experience).