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Catholic Social Science Review

Volume 13, 2008

E. Christian Brugger
Pages 129-167

Christian Integrative Reasoning: Reflections on the Nature of Integrating Clinical Psychology with Catholic Faith and Philosophy

This article proposes a model for the project of integrating the field of clinical psychology with Catholic intellectual tradition. “Integration” here is understood as the project by which psychology’s understanding of the human person is illuminated and perfected by drawing on anthropological knowledge from outside psychology, specifically from Catholic philosophy and divine revelation. The article sets forth a definition of integration in the form of six principles. Rather than formulating the principles as descriptive premises (e.g., “six propositions defining integration”), they are formulated as habits of mind, intellectual qualities that one possesses, and when possessed, capacitate one to do Christian scholarly integration. The model is flexible enough to be adapted for use in integrating other social sciences, as well as, to some degree, the hard sciences.

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