Catholic Social Science Review

Volume 12, 2007

Margherita Marchione
Pages 477-497

Continuing the Battle to Restore the Truth about Pope Pius XII's Efforts on Behalf of the Jews during World War II
The Campaign to Have Him Recognized at Vad Vashem

Sister Margherita Marchione has been one of the leading academic defenders of Pope Pius XII against the untruthful, dishonest, and often scurrilous attacks against him in recent years by some writers who have claimed that he not only did not do enough to help the Jews during World War II, but actually somehow collaborated with the Nazis. Sister Margherita has published several books about Pius, showing that the original understanding of his efforts was indeed true: he worked intensively to do all in his power to protect the Jews and other groups. Indeed, his efforts surpassed that of most political leaders of the time. Currently, as the draft letter below indicates, she is on a campaign to solicit the testimony of Jews who were first-hand beneficiaries of his efforts, or those who know directly of such cases, in order to get Pius recognized at the Vad Vashem Memorial in Israel as "Just Among the Nations." Two testimonials are apparently required and history tells us that many, many more than two Jews were saved by Pius's efforts. For her efforts to restore the reputation of Pius XII and to once again set the historical record straight about him. Sister Margherita will be honored in 2007 with the Society of Catholic Social Scientists' Blessed Frederic Ozanam Award for Catholic Social Action, named after the Society's patron. Below are four recent short articles that Sister Margherita wrote about Pius s efforts and leadership during the War and a sample letter in which she requests anyone who knows Jews who can provide testimony to contact her. There is also some biographical information about Sister Margherita.