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Catholic Social Science Review

Volume 12, 2007

Robert Fastiggi
Pages 141-153
DOI: 10.5840/cssr2007128

The Contribution of Antonio Rosmini (1797-1855) to Catholic Social Thought

The Holy See's 2006 proclamation of the heroic virtues of Fr. Antonio Rosmini (1797-1855) has led to a renewed interest in the thought of this Italian philosopher/theologian. This essay begins with an overview of the life and works of Rosmini and proceeds to a survey of his main contributions to Catholic social thought Attention is given to four major themes: 1) the integration of epistemology, anthropology and ethics; 2) the metaphysical basis for morality and obligation; 3) the dignity of the human person; and, 4) the philosophy of right (diritto) and the application of human rights.

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