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Croatian Journal of Philosophy

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2017

Rudi Kotnik
Pages 97-106

Possible Uses of Tennant’s Methodology in Secondary Education

The paper addresses the issue whether Tennant’s textbook Introducing Philosophy, a demanding textbook based on the methodology of Analytical philosophy, can be useful for high school teachers not trained in Analytical methodology. The pedagogical background is presented through a conceptual framework of problematization, conceptualisation and argumentation, and I follow Tennant’s methodology through these three principles. The issue which I discuss is how Tennant’s methodology can help teachers to foster the three analytical abilities in students. I will show how his presentation of topics as content demonstrate his methodology and how particular examples can be used by teachers in secondary education, as well as in introductory university courses in philosophy. If teachers pay attention to this methodology within the content, they can apply it to other topics.

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