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1. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 20 > Issue: 2
William Hasker Orcid-ID What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution?
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The volume, Theistic Evolution, brings together objections to an evolutionary account of life’s history, and especially to theistic evolution, developed by scientists, philosophers, and theologians who prefer the perspective afforded by Intelligent Design. I present the main themes of their critique, and also point out that the work done to date falls short of providing a genuine alternative to the prevalent evolutionary account.
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2. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
Matthew Carey Jordan Reid against the Way of Ideas: A Review Essay on Thomas Reid and the Story of Epistemology
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3. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
Angus Menuge Whereof One Can Speak, Thereof One Must Not Be Silent: A Review Essay on Tractatus Logico-Theologicus
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4. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 6 > Issue: 2
Paul Copan Morality and Meaning without God, Another Failed Attempt: A Review Essay on Atheism, Morality, and Meaning
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5. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 6 > Issue: 2
Mark D. Linville Harman and Thomson on Relativism versus Realism: A Review Essay on Moral Relativism and Moral Objectivity
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6. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 6 > Issue: 2
Gary R. Habermas Geza Vermes and the Third Quest for the Historical Jesus: A Review Essay on Jesus in His Jewish Context
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7. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 8 > Issue: 1
Stephen T. Davis The Counterattack of the Resurrection Skeptics: A Review Article
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