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81. Chiasmi International: Volume > 22
Samuele Sartori L’epistemologia dell’incorporazione attraverso la storia materiale degli arti artificiali
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The aim of this article is to enrich the concept of technological incorporation, as thematized by Merleau-Pontian phenomenology and post-phenomenology, through a study of the material history of artificial prostheses. We will see in the first section that post-phenomenology, by discussing the plasticity of the corporeal schema, did not recognize the importance of technological transformations; that is, it has given little importance to the inorganic, material correlate through which hybridization is possible. Secondly, we will show how Merleau-Ponty, through a reading of Marx, contributes to phenomenology a naturalistic dialectic between material history and corporeity. This relation appears central to our understanding of the constitutively plastic and performative essence of the corporeal schema. The dialectics that technologies institute, however, do not necessarily lead to an increase in one’s perceptive-agentive capacities. The last section of this article investigates this claim through an analysis of the pathology of phantom limbs, in light of the evolution of prosthetic technologies between the two World Wars.
82. Chiasmi International: Volume > 22
Tommaso Tuppini La sensazione e il vortice del sonno
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We typically conceive of sensation as a residue of empiricism and idealism, both of which claim to reduce our experience to a sum of elementary data that the subject encounters. For Merleau-Ponty, sensation is none of these things: it defines our ability to let ourselves be solicited by the relief and questions of the world. What is sensed is not an inert datum but a gesture of existence that concerns me, invites me to correspond to it and follow it. When I respond to the invitations of what I sense, the connection between me and the world functions as the immobile axis around which the whirls of a whirlwind are formed. Whirlwind of sensation or whirlwind of sleep, because sensing is also made of a night time-space in which the connection with things seem to be broken. The inertia of sleep is whirling in its own way, just as the dynamism of sensation has its own condition of possibility in an immeasurable measure of apathy and indifference.
83. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Mauro Carbone, Leonard Lawlor Presentazione
84. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Fabio Ciaramelli Note sul desiderio e il suo limite tra Merleau-Ponty e Levinas
85. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Davide Scarso “Merleau-Ponty, Femminismo e Intersoggettività”.: Venticinquesimo convegno del Merleau-Ponty Circle USA a Washington DC, dal 14 al 16 settembre 2000
86. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Andrea Pinotti Il Toccabile e l’intoccabile: Medeau-Ponty e Bernard Berenson
87. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Maurice Merleau-Ponty Due Note Inedite Sulla Musica
88. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Francesco Colli La Natura come origine mitica: Sulla genealogia di Merleau-Ponty
89. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Davide Scarso Intersoggettività e inconscio nei corsi di Merleau-Ponty alla Sorbona
90. Chiasmi International: Volume > 3
Mauro Carbone Un posto in cui si parlava Merleau-Pontiano: A Verona, negli anni Ottanta, intorno a Guido D. Neri
91. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Mauro Carbone Presentazione
92. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Renaud Barbaras La Scomparsa di Una Grande Figura della Fenomenologia Francese
93. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Claudio di Bitonto Il Tema dello Stile in Merleau-Ponty
94. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Valentina Flak “Dal Modello all’Archetipo!”: Natura e morfologia fra Klee e Merleau-Ponty
95. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Alessia Mascellani Viaggio con Merleau-Ponty alle Radici dell’Essere: Alla Scoperta di un Logos di Linee, Luci e Colori
96. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Justin Tauber “La filosofia politica di Merleau-Ponty”: Ventiseiesimo convegno del Merleau-Ponty Circle USA all’UNCA (Asheville, North Carolina), dal 19 al 22 settembre 2001
97. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Antonio Martone Camus e Merleau-Ponty: Dalla critica dello storicismo marxista all’esistenza democratica
98. Chiasmi International: Volume > 4
Luigi Tarantino Per una Storia dell’Esperienza: Archeologia e fenomenologia: fra lo storico e I’originario
99. Chiasmi International: Volume > 8
Mersia Menin “Relire Merleau-Ponty à la lumiere des inedits”: Una giornata di studi degli Archivi Husserl di Parigi
100. Chiasmi International: Volume > 8
Matteo Bonazzi Etica dell’Aisthesis: Lacan con Merleau-Ponty