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61. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Alois Maria Haas Karl Barths ‚Römerbrief’ von 1922. Eine Neulektüre
62. Philotheos: Volume > 12
George Varvatsoulias Moral Orientations of Males and Females on Justice and Social Exchange, and Care and Kin Reciprocity: An Evolutionary Psychological Approach
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Objectives: The present study questioned the moral orientation between males and females. It was hypothesized that males will score high on justice and social exchange, whilst females high on care and kin reciprocity. High scores on justice and care were found in a respective continuum with social exchange and kin reciprocity.Design: A between-participant independent t-test design of differences was carried out to search for the moral orientation of males and females. The dependent variable (DV) was the scores participants rated on justice and social exchange, and care and kin reciprocity, whilst sex was the independent variable (IV).Method: Three moral vignettes were given to participants followed by questions/state-ments (Appendix C). Participants were asked to respond to those vignettes by using a Likert Scale scoring system rated 1 to 5.Results: The results have shown that males score high on justice and social exchange, whereas females high on care and kin reciprocity. Through the t-test were found significant differences between the sexes on moral reasoning orientations, and the hypothesis was supported.Conclusions: It was concluded that males demonstrate a just moral reasoning, whereas females a caring moral orientation. The continuum between justice and care with social exchange and kin reciprocity portrayed interpersonal relations in view to group dynamics as well as a maintenance of balance through cooperation
63. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Markus Enders „Denn Gott ist die Wahrheit“ (Koran 22,6, 63; 31.30): Anmerkungen zum Wahrheitsverständnis und zu den Wahrheitsansprüchen der drei monotheistischen Weltreligionen
64. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Krzysztof Narecki The Image of the River in the Fragments of Heraclitus
65. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Jörg Splett Glücksorte?: Paradiesgedanken zwischen Traum und Wirklichkeit
66. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Bogoljub Šijaković University and Theology: Educational Context of the Intellectual History and the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade
67. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Dragan Prole Rosenzweig and Levinas on Revelation of the Foreign
68. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Georgios Steiris Science at the Service of Philosophical Dispute: George of Trebizond on Nature
69. Philotheos: Volume > 12
Frano Prcela Croatian Intellectuals: Caught between Life for an Idea and Life from an Idea?
70. Philotheos: Volume > 13
Wolfgang Speyer ‚Mitte‘ und ‚Zentrum‘ als Grundanschauung von Mensch, Welt und Gott