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51. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Marta Graciela Trógolo, Alejandra Fernández Media Deconstruction of the Myth of Communication and Sedentarism
52. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Shoji Nagataki, Satoru Hirose On What Mediates Our Knowledge of the External World: Body, Technology, and Affordance
53. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Naomi Segal 'Sculpting the Strange Statue': Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Anzieu & The Piano
54. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Päive Granö The Internet Art Gallery as an Aesthetic Free Space for Youth
55. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Saara Jantunen, Aki-Mauri Huhtinen The Worlds of Service: Military Recruitment from Reality to the Virtual and Back
56. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Gregory Cameron The Politics of Revelation: On Television and the Internet
57. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Luis Acebal Editor's Introduction
58. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Mihail Evans The Media of the Spectral: Derrida and Baudrillard
59. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Randall Dana Ulveland Poetic Advertising: Listening Toward the Hypercultural
60. Glimpse: Volume > 14
Stacey O. Irwin Seeing as an Online Educator