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41. Semiotics: 1980
Cynthia C. Rostankowski Semiotic and Creativity
42. Semiotics: 1980
Juan Pablo Bonta Architectural Criticism as a Means to Identify Socially Shared Values: The Case of the East Building of the National Gallery
43. Semiotics: 1980
Sarah Brey Simmons More Than Words Can Say
44. Semiotics: 1980
Madeleine Mathiot The Self-Disclosure Technique for Ethnographic Elicitation
45. Semiotics: 1980
Joseph Ransdell On the Paradigm of Experience Appropriate for Semiotics
46. Semiotics: 1980
Chris Abel Architecture as Identity, I: The Essence of Architecture
47. Semiotics: 1980
Richard Lo The Measurement of Comentropy Transfer Rates
48. Semiotics: 1980
Vladimir Miličič Conventions of Poetry as Iconic Signs
49. Semiotics: 1980
Walburga von Raffler Engel, Steven G. McKnight The Perception of Nonverbal Behavior in Function of Visible Access to One or Both Interactants
50. Semiotics: 1986
Katherine Stephenson Camus' 'Le Renègat': The Interior Monologue as Psycho-Babble
51. Semiotics: 1986
Kent Biel Semiotics, Creativity, and the Subject: Ricoeur and Foucault
52. Semiotics: 1986
Scott Simpkins George Sand and the Role of Semiotic Cues
53. Semiotics: 1986
John P. Doyle John Peter Olivi on Right, Dominion, and Voluntary Signs
54. Semiotics: 1986
Jeffrey S. Librett Wunderzeichen: From Signs of Wonder to Characters as "Wonders" in Kant
55. Semiotics: 1986
Barbara L. Ginsburg On Semiotics Artefacts: The Representational Nature of a Sign and Its Function within Relational Systems
56. Semiotics: 1986
Felicia E. Kruse Saving the Sign
57. Semiotics: 1986
Michele M. Magill Woman's Time and Man's Space: Story-Making and Story-Telling in Circe by Eudora Welty
58. Semiotics: 1986
Terrance King Peirce's Principle of Continuity and the Difference between Normative and Cognitive Knowledge
59. Semiotics: 1986
Desmond FitzGerald The Semiotic of John Poinsot
60. Semiotics: 1986
Chantal Cinquin The Archeology of the Sign