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41. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Stephen Crocker Interrupting Images: The Life of Broken Machines in and after Bergson
42. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Mindaugas Briedis Phenomenology and the "Science of Medical Imaging"
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In this article I will bring phenomenological analysis to medicine, but differently from many "humane" approaches to various medical issues, I will explore from the standpoint of Husserlian phenomenological philosophy one "empirical" method of medical diagnostics, i.e. medical imaging, which in turn belongs to the celebrated tradition of scientific imaging. Hence I will relate three major Husserlian projects, that is Categorial intuition. Image Consciousness and Constitution of the Other (phenomenological aspect) to radiological diagnostics, based on various modes of medical imaging (media aspect), for example, stages of radiological diagnosis and the structure of Image Consciousness. This perspective opens up the way to distil transcendental conditions of the "radiologist at work" (identity aspect), to see the importance of mediating intentionalities, discovered by Husserl, for any theoretical enterprise and to speculate about the possible improvement of diagnostics performed by human being and/or computer.
43. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Stefan Selke Identity in the 'Loggossphere': Recalling Daily Life mth Human Digital Memory
44. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Paul Majkut Eidetic Other, Mediated Others, and Embodied Carrots
45. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Mónica Alarcón Identity and Migration in Contemporary Dance
46. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Yoni Van Den Eede A Philosophy of Media: A Medium Itself
47. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Hasibe Kalkan Searching for Identity
48. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Luis Acebal Technology and Stereotypes: The Medium is the Mass Age
49. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Paul Majkut Preface
50. Glimpse: Volume > 13
Marta Graciela Trógolo, Alejandra Fernández Media Deconstruction of the Myth of Communication and Sedentarism