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41. ProtoSociology: Volume > 8/9
Raymound Boudon Une éthique est-elle possible en l'absence de croyances dogmatiques?
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A recurrent topic among philosophers as well as social scientists since Novalis, Comte, Weber, modem existentialists, and post-modern sociologists, etc. is that in the absence of what Tocqueville called "dogmatic beliefs” values cannot be grounded : you prefer liberty, I prefer equality; none of us would be neither right nor wrong. Contemporary writers as Rawls and Habermas defend, against this current view, the idea that value statements can be grounded rationally. Habermas' theory of communicational rationality remains procedural, formal and on the whole mysterious, however: how can this peculiar type of rationality be definied and made analytical? A cognitive theory of axiological rationality is developed here starting from the basic point that normative statements and axiological beliefs should be analyzed as grounded on reasons with a transsubjective validity, as positive statements are. This theory is checked in a tentative fashion against some examples of axiological belieft from ordinary experience and against a few pieces ofdata drawn from experimental social psychology.
42. Symposion: Volume > 2 > Issue: 1
Anca Dohotariu « Articuler » vie familiale et vie professionnelle: un objectif européen dans les politiques roumaines de l’égalité des chances ?
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This article intends to show the distance between work-life balance as a political and social issue at the EU and Romanian level, through the lens of the local gender equality policies following the process of EU accession. The article provides, in its first part, a brief presentation of the main theoretical axes structuring the available literature, followed up by the analysis of the occurrence of the work-life balance issue at the European level. Then the study examines the normative dimension of work-life balance in post-communist Romania, seeking to understand to what extent work-life balance policies have been designed and implemented in the last 25 years.
43. Symposion: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Maja Alexandra Nazaruk Contre la prestance du déterminisme social: Bourdieu et Melançon
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Focused on the notion of the threshold of objectivity, my article dissects the empirical mirror-glass of the philosophy of Joseph Melançon. I propose to thrust this emblematic perspective of determinist discourse against the literary turn, acclaimed for its underpinning ambiguous subjectivity – here notably made relevant by Pierre Bourdieu. Both discursive practices complete each other and reject each other in a self-feeding spiral: incessant motivation for a hybrid, vexing study of mutual tensions.
44. Symposion: Volume > 2 > Issue: 4
Annie Barthélémy Le self dans l’ouvrage de Ricoeur Soi-même comme un autre. L’attestation de soi : certitude et fragilité du self
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The paper aims to explain how Paul Ricoeur’s phenomenological and hermeneutic approach offers an original theory of the self as self-attestation. Considering useful an approach that combines the psychological uses of the notion of self with a reflection on one’s capacity to design himself/herself as a person, the paper offers a thorough analysis of Ricoeur’s work Soi-même comme un autre / Oneself as Another. The main purpose of this analysis is to highlight that, drawing a clear distinction between two forms of identity (la mêmeté/sameness and l’ipséité/selfhood) and proposing a dialectic between the self and the other, Ricoeur grounds his theory on a notion of self which includes one’s acceptance of the other.
45. Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Jeanne Duprat La famille et la société dans la sociologie française
46. Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Paul Léon Archives de Philosophie du droit et de sociologie juridique
47. Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Raymond Aron Lettres inédites à C. de Blignières
48. Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Morris Ginsberg War, Sadism and Pacifism
49. Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
Daniel Lagache Psychologie pathologique du suicide
50. Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung: Volume > 2 > Issue: 2
C. Bouglé Vie de Lucien Herr