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31. Arendt Studies: Volume > 2
Yasemin Sari Arendt, Truth, and Epistemic Responsibility
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In this article, I offer a politico-philosophical perspective to reassess the much-contested role of truth in politics to put forth a principle of political action that will make sense of a “right to unmanipulated factual information,” which Hannah Arendt understands as crucial for establishing freedom of opinion. In developing a principle of epistemic responsibility, I will show that “factual truth” plays a key role in Arendt’s account of political action and provides a normative order that can extricate her account from charges of immoralism. The article will be divided into three sections: section 1 deals with the distinction between rational truths and factual truths, and the question of their validity, section 2 deals with what a principle of political action is, and lastly, section 3 proposes a principle of “epistemic responsibility” that becomes action-guiding in the political sphere, in order to shed new light on the 2013 Gezi Park protest, one of the recent democratic uprisings of our century.
32. Arendt Studies: Volume > 2
Jonathan Peter Schwartz Perspectives on Citizenship and Political Judgment in an Era of Democratic Anxiety
33. Arendt Studies: Volume > 2
Emma Larking Are Refugee Camps Totalitarian?
34. Arendt Studies: Volume > 2
Ned Curthoys The Trial that Never Ends: Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem in Retrospect. Edited by Richard J. Golsan and Sarah M. Misemer
35. Arendt Studies: Volume > 2
Tama Weisman Artifacts of Thinking: Reading Hannah Arendt’s Denktagebuch. Edited by Roger Berkowitz and Ian Storey
36. Arendt Studies: Volume > 3
James Barry Editor's Introduction
37. Arendt Studies: Volume > 3
James Barry Introduction to In Focus: The Critical Edition of Arendt's Complete Works
38. Arendt Studies: Volume > 3
Jana Schmidt “A Field Where Everything Appears”: The Modern Challenge to Tradition: Fragmente eines Buchs
39. Arendt Studies: Volume > 3
Michelle-Irène Brudny Scholem and Arendt, from Berlin to Jerusalem or New York
40. Arendt Studies: Volume > 3
Barbara Hahn, James McFarland, Thomas Wild Hannah Arendt—Complete Works, Critical Edition in Digital and Print: An Interview with Barbara Hahn, James McFarland, and Thomas Wild