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21. Chôra: Volume > 5
Alexander Baumgarten Disputed Questions on the Soul
22. Chôra: Volume > 5
Alexander Baumgarten Noul Platon, Cercetări despre doctrina esoterică The New Plato, Researches on the Esoteric Doctrine
23. Chôra: Volume > 5
Alexander Baumgarten Elements of Theology
24. Chôra: Volume > 6
Petre Guran The Byzantines
25. Chôra: Volume > 7/8
Iovan Drehe De docta ignorantia
26. Chôra: Volume > 7/8
Marilena Vlad Dire et voir: La parole visible du Sophiste
27. Chôra: Volume > 7/8
Adela Cîmpean Democrito e l’Accademia. Studi sulla transmission, dell’atomismo antico da Aristotele a Simplicio.
28. Chôra: Volume > 9/10
Mihai Maga Luca Bianchi (ed.), Christian Readings of Aristotle from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
29. Chôra: Volume > 9/10
Alexander Baumgarten Dragoş Calma, Three contributions to the study of mediaeval philosophy
30. Chôra: Volume > 9/10
Walther Prager Adrian Papahagi, Boethiana Medievalia (A collection of Studies on the Early Medieval Fortune of Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy)