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181. Augustinianum: Volume > 44 > Issue: 2
Bengt Alexanderson Augustinus, Expositiones in Psalmos 1-32
182. Augustinianum: Volume > 60 > Issue: 2
Christophe Guignard Hilaire de Poitiers, Commentaire sur Matthieu 33, 5 : plaidoyer pour le texte de la famille α
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Three major reshuffles delineate two families (α and β) within the manuscript tradition of the Commentary on Matthew by Hilary of Poitiers. In the first two cases (3, 2; 9, 7-9), J. Doignon in his critical edition (SCh 254 and 258) favored the text of the α family, judging that the β family generally attests to numerous revisions intended to suppress difficult lectiones. In the third case, on the other hand, he adopted the short text of the β family, thus demoting two short passages in 33, 5 specific to the α family. This article shows that on the one hand the language of these passages is attributable to Hilary and on the other their content fits perfectly with his exegesis. It thus argues for their authenticity.
183. Augustinianum: Volume > 60 > Issue: 2
Charles-Antoine Fogielman L’exégêse anti-origéniste de Jean Philopon: origines et postérité
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The main exegetical work of Jean Philopon, the De opificio mundi, which rehearses the literalist reading of Genesis found in the Basil of Caesarea’s Hexaemeron rather than an allegorical reading, uses a surprising hermeneutic given the general expectations of the era and in particular the Miaphysite milieu to which Philoponus belongs. This paper studies how Philoponus’ work stems from the demands of the Christological debate in which he took part, and offers an evaluation of its immediate aftermath.