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161. Semiotics: 2006
Katrina Triezenberg Knives, Forks, and Spoons: A Diachronie Survey of Eating Utensils in Great Britain and America
162. Semiotics: 2006
Nina Corazzo Carl Beam, The North American Iceberg
163. Semiotics: 2006
Keith Dickson Myths and Things
164. Semiotics: 2006
Norman David Marin Calderón A Comic Herstory: Textual Self-Identity in Wendy Wasserstein's The Heidi Chronicles
165. Semiotics: 2006
Yin Ling Cheung Lexical-Entry Driven Approaches and Predicated-Based Approaches to Unaccusative / Unergative Alternation
166. Semiotics: 2006
167. Semiotics: 2006
Nataliya Semchynska-Uhl Color Symbolism in Ukrainian Political Discourse of the Beginning of the 21st Century
168. Semiotics: 2006
Nathan Houser Pragmaschism?
169. Semiotics: 2006
Jennifer Cramer, John M. Spartz A Sign of the Times: A Glimpse at Semiotics in the Academy
170. Semiotics: 2006
Jenny Diamond Gender Ideology and Okonkwo's Feminization in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart
171. Semiotics: 2006
Joshua Ziemkowski Peirce on Semiotics as Normative Science
172. Semiotics: 2006
Priscila Farias, João Queiroz Hypoicons in the Context of Peirce's Extended Theory of Signs
173. Semiotics: 2006
Daniel Brunson Peircean Semiotics and the Need for Metaphysics
174. Semiotics: 2006
Sean Day Duke Ellington versus the Functionalists: Regarding the "Hard Problem" of Consciousness
175. Semiotics: 2006
Troy A. Crayton Semeiotic and the Human Mind: "A Guess at the Riddle" of the Bridge between the Conscious and the Unconscious
176. Semiotics: 2006
Nathaniel A. Rivers We are a Cyborg: Extensions of the Cybernetic into the Semiotic
177. Semiotics: 2006
Nell Haynes Masculinity and Bodily Control: The Social Construction of Pain
178. Semiotics: 2006
Tatjana Babic Williams Disabling the Normative Because "She Can Afford To": The of Claire Zachanassian
179. Semiotics: 2006
Kathryn Hansen From Phoneme to Articulation via the Semiotic Sign
180. Semiotics: 2006
Jennifer M. Lee Significant Matter: Material and Meaning in Medieval Lead Pilgrims' Signs