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141. Augustinianum: Volume > 48 > Issue: 1
Rainer Jakobi Eine Augustinische Echtheitsfrage: De Octo Quaestionibus ex Veteri Testamento
142. Augustinianum: Volume > 50 > Issue: 1
Gregor K. Wenning, Felix Geser Erkenntnislehre und Trinitätsspekulation bei Augustinus
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It is the intention of this article on De Trinitate by St. Augustine to show that his doctrine is built upon applied epistemology aimed at the acquisition ofintellectus fidei. The main part of this paper explores the Augustinian search for vestigia trinitatis which reveals striking “psychological analogues” of thedivine trinity present in the human mind (Books 8-15). A mystical union with the holy trinity, however, appears impossible due to the impar imago of thehuman mind.
143. Augustinianum: Volume > 50 > Issue: 2
Dorothea Weber Autorenvarianten in Prospers De vocatione omnium gentium? Einige metodische Überlegungen
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The Author replies to a review recently published by Franco Gori in the journal Augustinianum. The point of disagreement advanced by the Author is the basic hypothesis which she finds in Gori’s essay, according to which textual variants in De vocatione omnium gentium go back to the author himself, i.e., to Prosper of Aquitaine.
144. Augustinianum: Volume > 56 > Issue: 2
Heinz Sproll Jesus Christus – Ciuis Romanus: Die Christianisierung des Augustus und die Romanisierung Christi bei Orosius – Ein Paradigma politischer Theologie?
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This essay examines Orosius’s historical-theological perspectives on the basis of the theologumenon of the Pax Augusta. First, it studies the method of Orosius’s chronography and his understanding of salvific oikonomia. Then the Author analyzes the Imperium Romanum and its fulfillment in the Imperium Christianium. A third section treats the synchronism of the Incarnation of the Logos in the Pax Augusta. Finally, the essay demonstrates how Erik Peterson detached Augustus’s theology as political theology from its late ancient context, and contrasts it with the emerging imperial church of National Socialism and Peterson’s denunciation of it.
145. Augustinianum: Volume > 59 > Issue: 1
Boris Paschke Die Brüsseler Handschrift 8232-33: Ein griechischer Textzeuge für die Metastasis des Apostels Johannes
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The seventeenth-century Brussels manuscript 8232-33 is an extant Greek witness for the Metastasis of the apostle John. The seminal text edition of the apocryphal Acts of John by Eric Junod and Jean-Daniel Kaestli provides neither a siglum for, nor a comprehensive codicological description of, nor catalogue references concerning this manuscript. The present annotation makes this information available and analyzes the manuscript of the Metastasis with regard to its model, copyist, and time of origin.
146. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
Ferdinand Leopold Miksch Johann Gregor Mendel, O. S. A. 1822 -1884
147. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
D. Trapp Oberman, H. A., Spätscholastik und Reformation Bd. I Der Herbst der mittelalterlichen Theologie
148. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
J. Geyer Lais, H., Dogmatik I., Berckers theologische Grundrisse
149. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
M. L. Fritz Färber, Karl, Neues Brevier zum Inneren Leben
150. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
M. Wernicke Neunheuser, B., O.S.B., Eucharistie in Mittelalter und Neuzeit
151. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
F. Hemler Parsch, P, Die liturgische Predigt. VI. Band: Das Kirchenjahr im Lichte der Gnade
152. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
J. Geyer Pfliegler, M., Kerygmatik
153. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
F. Gössmann Edwards, I. E. S., Gadd, C J., Hammond, N. G. L., The Cambridge Ancient History
154. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
J. Geyer Blieweis, T., Der Hausbesuch des Priesters: Notwendigkeit, Formen und Praxis
155. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
D. Trapp Mazal, O. u. F. Unterkircher, Katalog der abendländischen Handschriften der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek «Series Nova» Neuerwerbungen Teil 1 COD. Ser. N. 1-1600
156. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
L. Pold Handbuch der Pastoraltheologie, Praktische Theologie der Kirche in ihrer Gegenwart, Band I, hrsg. von F. X. Arnold, K. Rahner, V; Schurr, L. M. Weber
157. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
D. Trapp Magistri D. Durandi a Sancto Porciano, O. P., Quolibeta Avenionensia tria, additis Correctionibus Hervaei Natalis
158. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
Otto Mazal Baeumler, A., Das mythische Weltalter. Bachofens romantische Deutung des Altertums
159. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
J.-J. Gavigan König, Franz Cardinal, Die Konzilsidee von Konstanz bis Vatikanum II
160. Augustinianum: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
F. Hemler Morant, P., Das Breviergebet