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11. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Volume > 87 > Issue: 3
Gregory R. Beabout Kierkegaard Amidst the Catholic Tradition
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To mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Søren Kierkegaard, I review in this essay the relationship between Kierkegaard and the Catholic tradition. First, I look back to consider both Kierkegaard’s encounter with Catholicism and the influence of his work upon Catholics. Second, I look around to consider some of the recent work on Kierkegaard and Catholicism, especially Jack Mulder’s recent book, Kierkegaard and the Catholic Tradition, and the many articles that examine Kierkegaard’s relation to Catholicism in the multi-volume Kierkegaard Research series edited by Jon Stewart. Finally, I look ahead to consider possible directions in which the conversation between Catholics and Kierkegaardians might continue.
12. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Volume > 91 > Issue: 4
Rocco Buttiglione Reflections on Dietrich von Hildebrand’s My Battle Against Hitler
13. Augustinianum: Volume > 26 > Issue: 1/2
Russell J. DeSimone La fede dei padri
14. Augustinianum: Volume > 27 > Issue: 3
Prosper Grech Die stadtrömischen Christen in den ersten beiden Jahrhunderten
15. The American Journal of Semiotics: Volume > 1 > Issue: 4
Tomas Venclova Soviet Semiotics on Dostoevskij
16. The American Journal of Semiotics: Volume > 17 > Issue: 3
Richard L. Lanigan The Communicology of the Image Alain Robbe-Grillet, Instantanés [Snapshots] (1962 / 1986)
17. The American Journal of Semiotics: Volume > 18 > Issue: 1/4
Boris Gubman The Returns Of History: Russian Nietzscheans After Modernity
18. The American Journal of Semiotics: Volume > 18 > Issue: 1/4
Boris Gubman Jacques Derrida on Philosophy, Language, and Power in the Age of Globalization
19. The American Journal of Semiotics: Volume > 18 > Issue: 1/4
Thomas F. Broden Image, Sign, Identity: Jean-Marie Floch and Visual Semiotics
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Two recently translated monographs by J.-M. Floch provide English-language scholars with a substantial sample of this original and prolific visual semiotician’s work. The articles making up the two volumes present and illustrate the methods and concepts that Floch developed: “figurative semiotics”, “plastic semiotics”, and “visual identities”. Privileging the close description of particular images, Jean-Marie Floch’s work systematically brings to bear a complex and explicit semiotic theory to the exploration of visual images. The books raise crucial questions for research in the visual arts, in marketing, in perception and cognition, and in intercultural communication. This essay describes the main procedures Floch proposes for analyzing visual images, examines his concept of a visual identity, and evaluates the two English editions and translations.
20. The American Journal of Semiotics: Volume > 18 > Issue: 1/4
Igor E. Klyukanov Tasking Textuality: Literary and Cultural Theory, Vol. 5