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1. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Dionysios Skliris Personal Experience and Speculation in Plotinus
2. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Nalin Ranasinghe On the Task of the Smuggler: Meditations on Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida, and the Theology of History
3. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Vladimir Vukašinović Die Theologische Quellen und Geschichte der karitativen Tätigkeit der Serbischen Orthodoxen Kirche im Laufe der Jahrhunderte
4. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Stamatios D. Gerogiorgakis The Controversy between Barlaam of Calabria and Gregory Palamas on Demonstrative and Dialectical Syllogisms Revisited
5. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Jean-Michel Charrue Providence et liberté chez Jamblique de Chalcis
6. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Predrag Čičovački Schweitzer’s Ethics of Reverence for Life: Criticism and Defense
7. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Mary C. Sheridan Sophia as Savior in Gnostic Theology: Introduction and Background
8. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Jeffrey Bernstein Antinomical Messianism: Agamben’s Interpretation of Benjamin’s “History” Thesis
9. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Kofi Ackah Aristotle on God
10. Philotheos: Volume > 10
Сергей Анатольевич Нижников Метафизика имяславия в творчестве А. Ф. Лосева: античные и исихастские истоки