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1. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 23 > Issue: 2
Mark J. Boone Must God Create the Best Available Creatures?
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Alvin Plantinga rightly challenged J. L. Mackie’s assumption that an omnipotent God can directly create just any possible world. However, Mackie also assumed that God, given the option, must create a person who would freely choose rightly rather than one who would freely choose wrongly. Instead of challenging this assumption, Plantinga suggests that every possible free creature would have sinned had God created them, an idea I consider highly improbable. More importantly, under Mackie’s assumption, for almost all conceivable arrangements of the counterfactuals of creaturely freedom, this assumption renders libertarian free will impossible for nearly every possible creature.
... Mark J. Boone Hong Kong Baptist University ... . Naugle, ed. Mark J. Boone, Rose M. Cothren, Kevin C. Neece, and Jaclyn S. Parrish ... –17. Mark J. Boone 273 that is, in the sense used by the version of ...
2. Philosophia Christi: Volume > 14 > Issue: 2
Mark J. Boone Orcid-ID Proper Function and the Conditions for Warrant: What Plantinga’s Notion of Warrant Shows about Different Kinds of Knowledge
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Alvin Plantinga’s Warrant and Proper Function gives two major definitions of warrant. One states that reliable cognitive faculties aimed at true belief and functioning properly in the right environment are necessary and sufficient for warrant; the other definition only states that they are necessary. The latter definition is the more important one. There are different kinds of knowledge, and justification is necessary for some beliefs to be warranted. Even a belief warranted by proper function can receive a higher degree of warrant by justification. This implies that natural theology has a useful role within the contours of a Plantingian epistemology.
... Knowledge Mark J. Boone Department of Philosophy ... sense is present. Mark J. Boone 375 of the ... . Mark J. Boone 377 is not necessary for warrant. From this we ...