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1. Philo: Volume > 12 > Issue: 1
Christopher Grau Critical Study of Alice Crary: Beyond Moral Judgment
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This study offers a comprehensive summary and critical discussion of Alice Crary’s Beyond Moral Judgment. While generally sympathetic to her goal of defending the sort of expansive vision of the moral previously championed by Cora Diamond and Iris Murdoch, concerns are raised regarding the potential for her account to provide a satisfactory treatment of both “wide” objectivity and moral disagreement. Drawing on the work of Jonathan Lear and Jonathan Dancy, I suggest possible routes by which her position could be expanded and possibly strengthened.
2. Philo: Volume > 15 > Issue: 1
Paul Gould Intentionality and God: A Review Essay of R. Scott Smith’s Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality
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R. Scott Smith argues that it is only theism, and not naturalism, that can deliver us knowledge. In this brief essay, I focus on the phenomenon of intentionality as articulated and developed by Smith and explore implications of his thesis for metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and philosophical theology.
3. Philo: Volume > 3 > Issue: 2
Mark I. Vuletic Destined for Greatness
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In an expansion of the fine-tuning argument, Michael Denton argues that every aspect of the universe is ideally suited for the production and maintenance of familiar and anthropomorphic forms of life. He further argues that the ideal nature of these aspects is extremely improbable unless one postulates a designer who tooled them for the express purpose of producing familiar and anthropomorphic life. I point out shortcomings in Denton’s line of argument, focusing in particular on the premise that the ideal nature of the aspects in question is improbable absent a designer.
4. Philo: Volume > 5 > Issue: 1
Tyler Wunder Warranted Christian Belief by Alvin Plantinga
abstract | view |  rights & permissions
Alvin Plantinga’s Warranted Christian Belief (2000) is the capstone to the latest stage in his views on the intellectual credibility of theism in general, and Christian theism in particular. While Plantinga’s stature in the community of Christian philosophers alone makes gaining familiarity with this text a good idea for contemporary analytic philosophers of religion, its vigorous, innovative defense of specifically Christian theism and daring suggestions for renovating the landscape of analytic philosophy of religion merit serious consideration. I aim to provide a useful introduction to the book’s contents and critique some of its main claims.
5. Philo: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
William F. Vallicella The Problem of Existence by Arthur Witherall
6. Philo: Volume > 6 > Issue: 1
Kristin Andrews Neurophilosophy of Free Will by Henrik Walter
7. Philo: Volume > 9 > Issue: 1
Graham Oppy Logic and Theism: Arguments for and Against Beliefs in God
8. Philo: Volume > 9 > Issue: 2
John Shook The Cambridge Companion to Atheism, edited by Michael Martin