Semiotics 2007
2007, ISBN 978-1-897493-11-3
Editors: Terry J. Prewitt, Wendy Morgan

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11. Semiotics: 2007
Frank Nuessel Language Games: A Semiotic Analysis
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12. Semiotics: 2007
Sean Day, Charls Pearson An Experimental Program to Use Synesthesia to Investigate Semantic Structure of the Sign
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13. Semiotics: 2007
Reid Perkins-Buzo Real Film: Realist Film Theory, Semiotics and the Documentary Film
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Recent work by Ian Aitken and others has sought to re-establish a "Realist approach" to the documentary film in reaction to the postmodernist, pragmatist approach popular in the 1970s and 80s. The Saussurian/Lacanian orientation o f the semiotics that played a large role in the older film theory is rejected and replaced by an analytic theory of representation based on the work of Mary Hesse, Hilary Putnam and W.V.O. Quine. Although this may seem a setback vis-a-vis semiotics, it actually opens up Realist Film Theory to an application o f the doctrine of signs more closely aligned to traditional realism, that of Pierce and Poinsot. This presentation outlines how Realist Film Theory can be enriched and developed by such an application. In particular, Aitken's model for the processing of the truth-value communicated through a documentary film can be strengthened in this manner. We will look at a short filmic example to illustrate the resulting development of the theory, manifesting how the documentary film is anchored in both reliablyrepresenting reality and creatively organizing and construing it.
14. Semiotics: 2007
Katherine Romack Women Preaching in a Not So Plain Style
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15. Semiotics: 2007
Matthew Shaftel Form, Sign, and Signing: Integrating Sign Systems in an Interdisciplinary Approach to Opera
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16. Semiotics: 2007
Scott Simpkins The Writing Cure?: The Semiotics of the Trauma Narrative in British Romantic Literature
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17. Semiotics: 2007
J. Raymond Zimmer Category-Based Diagrams of Jungian Archetypal Psychology
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18. Semiotics: 2007
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