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Rights and permissions decisions for Chromatikon are managed by the publisher - Éditions Chromatika.
Please contact them for more information about their permissions and copyright policies.

  • Authors are free to reuse their own articles in other publications they write or edit, and no further permission is required. The publisher only requires appropriate acknowledgement of the original publication of that item in Chromatikon.

  • Subscribers and authorized users may make up to 100 print copies of single articles for any personal, instructional, or non-commercial purpose. No further permission is required.
  • Permission is required to make more than 100 print copies of any item, or for any republication of the series's content in any print or electronic coursepack, anthology, textbook, monograph, journal, reference work, database, web site, or other project. Contact the publisher for more information.

    If you need assistance contacting this journal you can send a message by email, fax, or mail to our permissions department and we will provide the appropriate contact information.

    Philosophy Documentation Center
    Attn: Rights & Permissions
    P.O. Box 7147
    Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-7147 - USA

    Fax: 434-220-3301
    E-mail: [email protected]


    Authors may post a non-formatted version of their article as submitted to Chromatikon to open access web sites. This means a non-edited version in a format that does not duplicate the look and feel of the published series (such as ASCII TXT, HTML, Word). We cannot grant permission for the use of an edited version for this purpose, or any file format that reproduces published page images (such as TIF, PDF, JPEG). Posting a non-formatted version of the paper allows authors to make their work more widely known without asking a non-profit series to bear the cost and risk of free distribution.


    Long term preservation of Chromatikon in electronic format has been assured through PORTICO and the CLOCKKS archive.